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So, Why Do I work at Kissito Healthcare??

December 1, 2008

I recently graduated from Virginia Tech with two Bachelor’s degrees in Biological Sciences and Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience. I am a very motivated and driven person as I was on various organizations and committees. I was Treasurer of my Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and heavily involved with our Student Government Association as the Co-chair to Undergraduate Academic Policies and Planning Committee, Chair of Red Cross Donor Planning Committee and totally unrelated to anything, I was a Student General Manager and liaison between departments for the Department of Housing and Dining Services (Which ranked number in the country for 2008-might I add!) Also, I jokingly state that I am a professional intern. I have worked with numerous professors in both academic departments and successfully completed two independent studies that were utilized in the basis of my professors’ research. I state all of this because by nature I am a researcher, planner, and thinker. So, why did I decide to apply for the Management Internship here at Kissito.

Well, scientifically speaking, there was a problem. I identified that problem to be that I was that I wanted to go into Clinical Psychology or Neurology; however, I did not want to spend another 5 or 12 years respectfully in each discipline. I had become extremely interested in Marketing and Business, and writing, and many other subjects. It was too late to start over….God forbid! I was exhausted, but I loved the people that I met, and the work that I did for my campus community. True to what has been said, nobody knows exactly what they want to do at 23 years old, and with all of the creative juices flowing and my “got to keep moving there’s not enough hours in a day” mentality, I didn’t either!

So, I did some internal research and realized that my entire life revolved around helping people directly and passively. Proven by years of helping my mother care for my grandmother who passed away from Alzheimer’s disease and also my great-aunt who is currently in the end stages of the disease, visiting the sick on Sunday mornings and doing anything we could to make them as “comfortable as possible while maintaining their dignity” as my mother always taught. Along with volunteering with the New River Valley Free Clinic and working with the Red Cross to plan campus wide blood donor drives to collect at least 80-100 pints per drive day, the list goes on and on. However in my reflections, just an atom, the most basic unit of matter has individual parts, my nucleus or the core of my being was to aid in Healthcare humanitarian efforts locally and internationally—my Passion. I had always had deep respect and desire to be as selfless as some of the most famous humanitarians of today.

As a result of my introspection and search for working with a company with meaning and substance, I discovered Kissito Healthcare, a organization geared entirely toward what has always been, but more formalized as the “betterment and care of human life.” On top of that, it’s a Non-profit; which in itself carries total social responsibility! So , I was pleasantly persistent in getting that interview with Tom and I was reading the website almost daily. Honestly, I was cautious to expect to have gotten the job. I had submitted over 75 applications and time was winding down; and I refused to be a burden on my mother. So moving home was out of the question! However, contrary to my cautious nature, I knew that I had gotten the job before the interview, perhaps the Law of Attraction was on my side! About two days later, I received a call from another company at 9:30 from another interview and I gracefully declined and about 30 minutes later the Kissito recruiter called asking me when I could start!

This is the story, though quite long, on how I came to be an intern with Kissito Healthcare. The time that I have spent with the company has been amazing. I have learned a lot, and I am constantly challenged each day; however, that only makes one grow stronger and analyze from various angles and perspectives, and through working on personal obstacles, how else can a company go from good to great and be a great humanitarian to the world!

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