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Ahhh…..Holiday Traditions

December 8, 2008

Our Thanksgiving was amazing and as our annual tradition, we each create a dish that we have never made before. This gets harder and hard each year because I love cooking new things! The following day, they got up early to begin the décor and picking a tree. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we have illuminated our home with the lights and fresh pine wreaths with scarlet red bows and jingling bells. Our house is at the end of our road called Happy Lane. Never has the name of a road been so true as it is during the holidays. People come down just to see the decorations!

On Christmas Eve, some of my family and I will spend the day volunteering at the Homeless shelter in North Carolina with my mom’s sister or the local Food Bank getting families prepared for their big feast on Christmas Day.

Each Christmas morning, my mom gets up and makes fresh cider and begins roasting the juicy ham that we will have for dinner. My mouth is watering just thinking about it-and the potato salad, backed beans, green beans. Aye Dios!

We will spend the day opening gifts and visiting family and friend, and topping off our evening with seeing the play, “The Nutcracker!”

There is a saying that ‘whatever you are doing as the New Years comes in, that is what you will do for the entire year.’ As precautionary measures my sister and I are always awake, reading a book, or excercising in hopes that that is what we will do for the entire year. Just imagine doing sit-ups and reading a book for one minute until the ball drops and immediately stopping afterwards! However, the excercising part doesn’t seem to work as much as sedintary activities such as reading a book or playing the piano. Though we know that we create our desinity each minute, its something funny about that little tradition as the New Year Eve end. New Year’s Day is typically when we take a break from each other. And spend time with our own friends and partying up the new year.

Above all, the Holidays is an excellent time for family gathering and giving back, and I hope to continue all of our traditions for years to come!

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