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“Very Best”

December 10, 2008

So………. there has been a debate on the use of the term, “very best”. In a culture that is surrounded by terminology like “best of the best,” absolute best” and “very best service,”  many marketing and advertising industries are using this hottly debated phrase that is commonly utilized expressions of both written and spoken English.

Not being able to let this go so easily, I began doing research.  There are 143,000,000 results that come from the exactly search of “very best” Even most sites like,, Unity Grammar College,  album “The Very Best of Aretha Franklin.”  On the flip side, there are 8,000,000,000  results that use just best.

In defense of “very best,” “best” used solely is quite frankly boring when you are trying express your opinion. Try saying this: “I am the best!” and this: I am the very best!” What do you feel more gusto towards? It has been ingrained into our English, and American cultural verbosity

However, in defense of the inappropriate use of “very best,”  vital questions are brought up, what is better than best;  Is it possible to better than the best? There is nothing better than best; therefore, it is wrong.

Although the debate is more philosophical than technical due to the fact that practically a large number of people uses it, should the 143,000,000 websites and many more vocal users that use the term dually, be deemed inadequate and ingnorant to English grammar. Of the 8,000,000,000 results that were shown for just “best”. We would need to first subtract 143,000,000 “very best” results to rule that out of the total. However, a search like this would demand more technical searches by advanced programs and different search agents. But still, I beg to differ, English grammar is constantly changing  just as the debate to include  the word “blog” and “aerobicize” or “bailout” in the dictionary. Of course, philosophical people also have to subject their own beliefs to the standards of rational argument, and they should be prepared to change their minds if there are good arguments against their views. This, perhaps may be the obstacle that challenges many people–not want to loose up the grib on belief since it may involve questioning beliefs you hold dear. In the end, however, most I find this process useful. By questioning my own  beliefs and testing them out in various ways,  I can identify my biases. So here’s my conclusion, all language’s has to be appropriate to its context to be effective; therefore, it is neither correct or incorrect to use the phrase “very best.”

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