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Patient Demand: Shifting the Marketing focus in Healthcare

December 29, 2008

Let’s face it, the era of patient complacency is over. For years many patients and family members have just settled for the one-way marketing efforts from many Post-acute care settings. The doctor refers them and life begins the slow decline from the day of admission. Even worst, the rooms are shared and the décor is depressing.

For Patient satisfaction, hospitals have jumped on the bandwagon; but there is still hesitancy in the Post acute care setting, even the ones that have high discharge to home rates. More than ever, patients are demanding better quality during their stay whether it’s a short-term or long-term.

Patient satisfaction should be a top priority. With the surge of the baby boomers, they are demanding amenities such as laptops, high speed internet, cable television, room service, private rooms, and they should! Research has shown the positive effects of the environment during the healing process. Soothing colors and natural lighting absorbed and reflected by comfortable and functional furniture, and flat screen televisions exude the aura of luxury and elegance, and modernity. Kissito Post Acute’s Cane Island in Texas, Brian Center at Low Moor and Fincastle in Virginia are examples of post-acute facilities that offer unique living areas for its patients as they prepare to return home to their families after a short-term stay. Why? What is the big deal? Well if patients feel better, they will heal better and find more motivation to participate to the fullest extent possible in various therapies in the care plan. They feel in control and they can become empowered to take control of their health and well-being. It is almost like a home away from home delivering comfort and safety for all involved in the transition from patients to the family members.

The demand for privacy, comfort for patient and visitors, and satisfaction to the technologically savvy generation does not show any signs of decreasing. There is the additional benefit to the facility, too—Not having to switch rooms because patients cannot get along! More, facilities should develop patient focused marketing strategies rather than just trying to make a profit. Listening to the market will help to guide you in the right direction! For those who have jumped on the train patients agree that the rooms are truly therapeutic—from bed to the bathroom—and the warmth that is felt is absolutely outstanding!

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