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Speed Dating…..Websites!

January 5, 2009

What is StumbleUpon?
I see that got your attention! This is about what I call “speed dating websites, not people.” For those of us who enjoy surfing the web, we know how frustrating it is when we are looking for a particular topic and end up getting an X-rated site or some other irrelevant site. Well, not anymore-The frustrations should cease. Co-Founded by Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon is a web-service that offers an advertising model is unique—You will not find pointless ads-when you click the StumbleUpon button on your tool bar. You are taken directly to videos, photos, and websites containing topics that is user created. If you feel like, I feel, ads or pop-ups are invasive and annoying. With this method, visitor is at full attention. An additional benefit is creating visibility for sites that would have not gotten traditional visibility.

For instance, if I am interested in Neuroscience (which I am a addicted to learning about), StumbleUpon can randomly show me sites that are related to neurological topics. But most importantly, it is based on the preference of many users/visitors of the sites that have selected that give it a Thumbs up allowing the quality sites to be displayed. Go to and start stumbling!

If you are a website owner, and you pages are selected by the Tool, and gets lots of “thumbs up,” you will see much more traffic coming to your site! For instance, Jamie Harrop at witnessed what he describes as a “Poor 500% Increase in Traffic” to his site”. Obviously, that is not a poor increase! Many entrepreneurs would be jumping about with tears of joy if their site went from 50 visitors to 300 visitors per day.

So…..Why Use StumbleUpon. Let’s Recap!

  1. To find relevant contest based on categories that you choose.
  2. Increase the number of new visitors to your site!

Although, one may decide to stay or leave within the first few seconds, If your site is interesting then they might decide to link to your site from their site. So make sure your copy is on point or they might give it a thumb down.

I want my site Indexed; how do I do it!

Simply, the more thumbs up the site gets, the more often it is displayed to stumblers and the more often it will be indexed. So….make sure your copy is intriguing within—let’s say—the first 5 seconds. If you get too many thumbs down, your site will not be listed in the index. One thing you may want to do is tell the stumblers that you personally know (Do Not Spam!) is to go to your site and give it a thumb up if they show interest.

How do I get a thumb up within 30 seconds?

Get to the point-Your content should be understood immediately once a person stumbles onto your site.

Get some unique information up there: Let the world know about your niche-micro-niche.

Le Feng Shui de Site web– The site needs to be attractive, and appealing. But do not add so many graphic or flash that it is slow to download.

Give away some free stuff: In this economy; free stuff is what people are looking for. Make sure you have an email newsletter sign-up box and RSS link on your pages so it easy for visitors can receive updates, and continue coming back to your page.

In conclusion, it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship…People stumble, like what they see, and keep coming back; Be creative!

Until then, Happy Stumbling!

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