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Bring Tweets Closer to Home

February 15, 2009

I’ve never posted anything about Twitter, not because I haven’t been paying attention, but because whatever the latest techno-crush is for other bloggers tends to make me go insane.

But today, as I ate breakfast in my apartment, it struck me that a convergence of technologies is truly occurring that may hold all kinds of hope for the future of this social platform and will go viral in other platforms as well.

As anyone using it knows, Twitter imposes a character count on posters, pondering the merits of this limit on communication. These limits help the writers get to the point without the industry jargon. I have a very short attention span and it’s preferable to just get to the point of what you want. Some of the best conversationalists can make my head spin by not getting to the point. There should be sub-heading “Just getting to the point!”–but I deter.

However, on top of its all the other contributions to community-building that this micro-blogging platform, three days ago news broke of Twitterlocal, which enables users to sort Tweets by locality. Check it out! The site is truly bringing twitter closer to home for businesses and people.

Lastly, given my fascination with the potential of local digital content as part of the new business model that will sustain for some time, Twitterlocal is a great addition to the Twitter Apps Family Check it out.

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