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Who Is Your Business Motivator?

June 13, 2009

Recently, I was going my daily You Tube search and I came upon this video.  Once you watch it, you will see two crazy guys at a festival dancing to Santigold’s song, “Unstoppable“. However, the important part is when the third guy came out to begin dancing. This initiated a cascade or wave of people coming to join what became a dance “movement.” The question lingered in the mind of an attendee of how the heck did he caused this wave to occur. On a basic level, he was doing nothing differently than the first two dancers–he was simply dancing.

I believe that he stood out! Further analysis shows his movements were different (i.e the second guy began mimicking the first); he looked different, and once the surge had begun,  he urged more to come join.

I like analogies, and I see this scenario similar to the business process. These types of motivators are rare, and we need more of them. In business, its good if you are an imitator, but it’s the motivator that will make or break your company. Initiators can be motivators or vice versa, but it’s not necessary that the owner be a motivator. However, it is vital that you have a motivator on your team–someone to build your company’s name and get the word out about its position, make you look differently and move differently from the competition.  Who is your company’s motivator? Enjoy the video!

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