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Collecta: The dawn of real-time search

July 12, 2009

Gerry Campbell, CEO of Collecta, recently launched a new platform in public beta that fundamentally changes the way people find and access information on the web. It’s an aggregator that finds the right content across the traditional Web and Social Media. This technology enables your brand manager to know what people are saying about your company, or a particular topic you are researching, in real time! With that information, he or she can organize and engage in these conversations. Microblogging platforms, like Twitter, have shown that people want access to the immediacy of conversations that are based on keywords and not by the authority, page rank, and SEO. Unlike other aggregator or search tools that are simply a hodgepodge of information built on top Search, Collecta has built an entire cyber-ecosystem its architecture is based on the open messaging standard XMPP.

ColectaCollecta enables Internet search to finally keep pace with the real-time information streams on blogs, microblogs such as Twitter and FriendFeed, traditional news sites, Web sites, and social networks such as Flickr, YouTube, and Digg. It then centralizes the search results in easy to read, continually updating streams. This is a stark contrast to the traditional search where information is ranked low, not even giving it a chance be seen.

This is something that I have been waiting on! I believe it’s a god-send to map the social landscape as a way of discovering immediate insight into the conversations occurring across social networks peeling back the layers of society, focusing the our attention to enhance and amplify listening, and plugging us directly into the conversations that shape impressions and perceptions. Check out Collecta!

In sum, here are major ways I see companies utilizing Collecta:

  1. Monitoring See what people are Saying about the product or company.
  2. Metrics: Count the number of Comments.  The comments are stored, so you can break it down by the hour and minute. For example, I typed in “Panera” in the first 10 minutes, there were 22 people saying something about Panera. In the last 50 minutes there were 61 results at the rate of 1 comment per minute. Every time a new mention is made, it appears on the results.
  3. Real-time engagement: The brand monitor can go directly to the location of the comment and respond. We know that the imediacy of responses to any situation is a key to solidifying a lasting relationship with your consumer.
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