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Starting my MBA program

August 16, 2009

Today, I finished day second of a two-day seminar on Adult Learning. This class is intended for adults returning back to school.  Although, I just graduated last year, I still found the seminar insightful. As the program is designed for working adults, it covered the information such as time-management and learning styles. It built the foundation for understanding and preventing  plagiarism, writing APA style, conveying MBA  class structures, and working in teams. The latter is highly important since majority of the group collaborations will occur in the study teams that were formed on day one of the seminar.  My team works extremely well together and the degree of knowledge possessed my team will be mutually beneficial in our success for the next two years.  Our aim is to challenge each other to stay in the same team throughout the course of our MBA. Though the decision was a long and arduous one, I am quite pleased that I have decided to embark on this adventure! I can speak the language of science, now its time to learn the language of business  more in depth! Major classes begin in September; I’m excited!

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