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Baucus Version of Healthcare Reform Bills Approved by Senate Finance Committee 14-9

October 14, 2009

On Tuesday afternoon, Congress to one closer step to  to achieving the goal set in motion sixty-four years ago by President Harry Truman. President Bill Clinton pushed for it and now President Obama.  All three have demanded endlessly the assured the rights  to sufficient medical care and protection from the economic loss due to sickness.

On a margin of 14 to 9, the Senate Finance Committee voted in favor of a health care reform plan sponsored by Max Baucus. The Congressional Budget Office says this bill is supposed to insure 94 percent of eligible Americans. Although costing just under $900 billion over 10 years, Baucus says it will lower the federal deficit and will end insurance industry discrimination. Additionally, it will bring the much needed quality of healthcare delivery.

Opposition to the bill say, that even with the newly covered individuals, there will still be 25Million people without insurance. This will greatly affect Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes,  hospice, and home health providers, in addition to hospitals. It will make huge cuts in medicare and lead to health care rationing. In lieu of the public option, the bill calls for co-ops to compete with private insurers to keep them honest.

This bill is gained bipartisan support as Senator Snowe began to work with the committee to from and debate the elements of the bill. President Obama praised her efforts.

Now, there are two reform bill in the Senate. The other is the version from the Health committee  passed earlier this year. To tackle the confusion seen in many postings, Healthcare Reform has not been passed for implementation. It has just passed out of the committee.

Although Max Baucus is against it, the two bills could be combined and debated soon, perhaps in about two weeks.

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