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Rice Crispy Makes A Questionable Claim On Packaging

November 3, 2009

This morning on the CBS News,  there was story about Rice Crispy’s new health claims.  The product line has a banner in the bottom left hand corner of its packaging that says it support children’s immunity. This claim has parents outraged and officials crying foul.

Almost a year ago,  Kellogg rolled out a revamped Rice Krispies product line that boosts the amount of vitamins A, B, C and E. The products are supposed to increase the amount of vitamins by 15%  to 25% of the recommended daily value.  According to Suzzane Norwitz, director of brand public relations, studies show that these vitamins “play an important role” in the body’s immune system and “nutritionists and dietitians generally recommend that at least 25% of nutrient intake occur at breakfast.” Despite the skeptics, Norwitz argues this is a structure function claim versus a health claim that they are including on the packaging. This claim describes how a substance maintains a particular bodily function while a health claim states that the substance prevents or improves a disease.

Still these claims are not readily accepted by parents and officials. Is this based on data or based on marketer’s tactic to sell a product? Many parents does not believe that there are not enough vitamins in the cereal. Officials are demanding evidence for the claims.  The top ingredients in the product is fructose syrup, partially hydrogenated oils also known as trans fats. Additionally the product is approximately 40% its own weight in sugar. The overall idea of the a “junk” food being sprayed with a bunch of vitamins, does not necessarily make it a healthy product.

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