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Averett University MBA Update

December 11, 2009

I am now four courses into my MBA program at Averett University. So far things have gone extremely well. I am now in Human Resources with Dr. Woundy. I am extremely excited about this series of workshops. I believe  I made the right choice in choosing this program. I am extremely impressed by the teaching structure of the program. Averett’s professors use the case-study analysis method.

There are two reasons why this is beneficial.  First of all, the approach gives students real-life situations. They are modeled after real management dilemmas for which we must argue effectively. Secondly, these workshops allows one to master the art of analysis. Knowing how to breakdown the scenarios into individual parts while understanding how these apply to the whole,  will make us successful and businessmen and businesswomen. I have been able to take the information I have learned and apply to the my current profession and even entrepreneurial endeavors.

Recently, I’ve also have a strong desire to obtain my Ph.D. Virginia Tech, one of the top research institutions drilled into my mind the importance of research and the dissemination of knowledge. I have a passion for figuring out things and trying to discover processes to make things work. However, I can’t get ahead of myself too much.  I need to crawl before, I walk.  I have to work on my weakness and improve my strengths.

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