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Interesting Headlines for December 11

December 11, 2009

Harvard Business Review Turns a Page

Purchasers of the coveted Harvard Business Review will see changes in the January/February Issue of the review. Adi Ignatius, the new editor in chief, is repositioning of the magazine is becoming more contemporary in content and in style. Ignatius comes from Time magazine, and is bringing a touch of the Time culture. The cover will no longer have a list of articles. The logo has been redesigned and the stories contained within will have more graphical features and columnists, in addition to the thought-provoking cases studies and stories.  The number of issues will reduce to 10, with two double issues during the year. While the graphical content and number of issues will change, the prices, however, will remain the same.

Source: The New York Times

Facebook draws criticism for privacy changes

Advocacy groups are expressing their concern over the privacy setting changes that Facebook has implemented. While these changes allow more control over settings, one must follow a prompt to change many of the default settings.  Also, it is believed that more control will lead to more sharing. Currently, Facebook uses subscriber information to adapt to services demand and also to increase targeting advertising. There is no benefit for the users. Legislation will need to be created and enforced to protect users’ information.

Source: Financial Times

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