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Women Abusing Men: Is it Justified?

January 7, 2010

Each year, almost 3 million men report being abused at the hands of a woman. Admittedly, I don’t typically watch the Tyra show; however, the previews sparked my attention. Today on the show a woman admits to abusing her boyfriend. Lets call him Larry, because I don’t remember his name. She has kicked him, hit in the face, spit at him, slammed his hand in the door. Another woman, Andrea, broke a man’s nose with a frying pan. Ouch, that must have hurt!!!

The other woman admits that she does this because he lies, is late to picking up the children, or he is not where he says he is going. She says that she wants him to hurt like she hurts because he tunes her out or he will walk out while she is talking….arguing. However, a lingering statistic remains, every 34 seconds a man is being abused in his relationship. Do you know of a man that have been the recipient of abuse in a relationship?

Is there a logical explanation for this? Is it because men are truly “dogs” who end up doing sneaky things? Or Are women like “just like men”, but hide it from the public eye? The common factor is each woman swears that she loves her significant other. This is the same rationale that abusive men give to women as they hold the ice pack to her eye.

Why do the men put up with this? It has to be mentally taxing and a major suppressor of his ego. Larry feels that she doesn’t love him. They have a child together, but he wants to raise the child as a family. In the beginning of the show, he places that ideology above hitting back or leaving. However, by the end of the show, he relents and decides to take a break from her.

Cooper Lawrence, a developmental psychologist says there is a rise in female aggression. It used to be that 1 in 10 men report abuse, now it is 1 in 4. Her rationale is at a young age, boys are taught to “stop it”, but girls are ignored and told “she will grow out of it”. I don’t agree with the that statement, because the statistics of males abusing women are higher. So would not the bottled up anger lead to the higher abuse towards women? This seems more plausible, but who knows. Abuse is abuse and it should not enter into the relationship. What do you think? Do you know of a man that have been the recipient of abuse in a relationship?

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