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Clinton Bush Haiti Fund

January 16, 2010

It is great travesty to see the sudden destruction that the people of Haiti are experiencing. We can only imagine what we would do if we were there. News scenes show people helping to rescue others from beneath the rummage, or trying desperately to contact family members who have a mobile signal. The injured who lay under tents await much needed medical attention. However, yet in the mist of the carnage, there was an eruption of praise for a spared life. It shows how people can still smile as they are surrounded by the pain and suffering. However, once the praise and thanks is over then comes the realization that there is a long road ahead to rebuild. I cannot–and unfortunately can–believe how and why people are trying to “cash-in” through creating donation scams. If you are skeptical on donating, I have provided an authorized donation page link and entry form print screen below. Presidents Clinton and Bush have come together to give support for the people,  and I urge you to give what you can. They have created a website Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. I have just made a donation and I hope that you do as well.

How the Entry Form Looks.

How the Confirmation Page Looks.

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