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Perspectives on the Gen Y Workforce Preferences

March 4, 2010

Data on Gen-Y perspectives indicate that older generations perceive Gen Y employees to be narcissistic, pampered, web-wired individuals who are disloyal to their companies. The same research indicates that majority of Gen-Y are searching for a deeper meaning in the companies for which they work.

With the intensifying movement of personal branding, an emerging thinking pattern is ‘what can the company do for me’ instead of ‘what can I do for the company’. More common than not, companies are utilizing the same tired underlying message, “This is a great place to work because, we have a 401K plan or railroad benefits” or some other long-term incentive plan. Gen-Y is not really concerned about long-term compensation. The focus is on ‘how is my company going to help me succeed, so I can make an impact tomorrow’!

The most prevalent factors that the influence the new workforce’s selection and loyalty is autonomy, company and managerial transparency, work/life balance, lifestyles, innovation, and sustainability.

These factors present a new dilemma for HR managers who are trying to actively recruit and retain younger generations. There needs to be a serious discussion on how to effectively position the company to address these factors. What factors should HR managers and marketers focus on at this moment in employee branding and what should make the gradual transition?

Workplace Perception Modification is a concept of the taking strategic steps to create highly targeted recruitment efforts and increase loyalty by addressing the key characteristics and preferences of the Gen Y workforce. I am currently conducting an exploratory study to gain insight into these perspectives. If you were born between the years of 1980 and 2000, I urge you to take the survey. It will close on March 12th.

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