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Personal Branding: The Importance of the Career Inventory

March 17, 2010

A major part of developing a mature  brand is understanding what you want out of a career and how to best communicate it. If you are like me and are multifaceted, you enjoy the gift of learning new things and constantly seeking new opportunities. However, as you proceed in your quest toward career or entrepreneurial success, it is vital that you discover the underlying characteristics that aid to your success in order to harness them more effectively. This involves taking a career inventory. By doing so, you will be able to know what your transferable skills are and utilize them to the your advantage when seeking new opportunities. Here is how to take a career inventory.

1. Make a table with four columns.

2. First make a list of all of your past jobs in the first column.

3. In the second column, one-by-one,  go through each job and write out the major responsibilities you had in that role.

4. Of those responsibilities, list out the major accomplishments in the third column.

5. Lastly,  of the accomplishments, list the skills that allowed you to reach that accomplishment.

The skills to which you gain insight, are your transferable skills. They are the factors that make you successful across industries, and they are characteristics that will continue to make you a success in the future. Behavioral Consistency Theory tells us that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior.  These are the factors that you should consistently communicate in your personal brand statement that you develop for your social networks and website.

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