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Where Did Etiquette On the Road Go?

June 30, 2010

It was run over.

People know me for my calm, patient, demanding, yet understanding nature, but sometimes people just get on my last nerve. Meditation, prayer and breathing exercises do not cure all things. Sorry, anger management supporters. But, people even got on Jesus’ nerves! He went to the temple, over turned tables. But, yet despite their ignorance, he still loved them, and so do I! However, right now I feel rather—expressive. Let me explain.


I never claim to be a perfect driver, but I’m pretty close! It seems that some people are simply idiotic once they get behind the wheel—even sober.  Many people claim they can multitask well; however, I am convinced that IQ’s drop significantly once some drivers close the car door. On time, while I am parallel parking— reversal lights active and all—a car speeds up behind me and sits there. I am asking myself,  “‘what the heck is he doing?” I motion my hand for him to go around or back up, but to no avail. It had already been a long day. So, admittedly, out of spite, I sat there too until I got the space that was rightfully mine…lol. We sat there through three traffic lights—RED, YELLOW, and GREEN (thrice). The man was obviously not paying attention and oblivious to the fact that I was motioning for him to get out of f the way! I was NOT going to give up that space after I drove through five times praying for one to open. Oh, no!

 Yesterday, I was leaving from Blue Collar Joe’s about to cross into the middle section, when another car pulled up across the road, waiting also to come into the middle lane to turn in the direction of eastbound traffic. Fortunately, we both received a break in traffic-enough to move in the middle lanes to go our opposite directions. Unfortunately, the not so intelligent individual drove into my lane to turn, while I’m crossing the road. “Whhhhhy?” I asked myself full of disgust and [fed-up-ness]. “Why are you in the lane I am supposed to be in to turn?” Again, not paying attention, and she was oblivious to the fact that she was incorrect determined by the deer-in- the-headlights look, I received as I maneuvered to the incorrect side of the road to avoid hitting her car.

 A third thing that irks my nerve is people not understanding the right of way. If you aren’t there first, wait! If you approach at the same time someone else does, yield to the person on the right, duh. Please go back to the DMV handbook!


Oh my goodness—MOVE! I was nice enough to stop, now move a little bit faster across the road. I did not stop to watch you flop around. I’m a busy man. Ugh! Second, make up your mind if you are going to cross the road or not! Don’t play footsie with the road—GO! Lastly, if a car doesn’t stop, don’t plop your body into the road until its clear! This is what happens, if the car (driver A) in front of driver B does not notice you, driver A is going to slam on breaks and then driver B has to slam on breaks which brings me to another point in a second.  Although, as a pedestrian who has the right of way, it is not your right to halt traffic, if your behind is on the sidewalk.  Wait until it’s clear or until you have enough time to cross in the leisure that you want. Now, going back to my point about braking. There IS a braking point. Braking points are different in each car. This also means that you don’t need to tailgate the person in front of you, because, you don’t know how quickly someone’s car will stop. BACKOFF!  It’s simple.

Other Things

  • If you can’t parallel park in under 10 seconds, then don’t.
  • If you want to speed, take the freeway.
  • If you are on the freeway, what is the point of speeding, even more? At most, you will only get there about 20-30 minutes faster if that.  Something will negate your efforts to get there faster anyway. COOL IT!
  • If you want to use the cell phone, get a voice activated bluetooth or a hands free device.
  • If your bad kids do not want to behave, pull over and get them in line. Minimize distractions.
  • If you put something in your trunk and it does not close fully, secure it. One time a person’s chair fell out of the vehicle, and guess what….They “didn’t notice it had fallen out” was the excuse once the driver was flagged down.
  • Don’t speed up on someone and get an attitude because they are obeying the speed limit or while still speeding, they are driving a bit slower than you are.  Their car might not be running well.
  • Don’t stare; it’s impolite.                   
  • Lights turn yellow for a purpose—either get out of the intersection or slow down at the line.
  • Lights turn green for a purpose—MOVE. Don’t sit there looking crazy. Pay attention and go.

Seriously, what is the problem with some drivers?  It angers me that some people do not pay attention then and they somehow “don’t know how it happened,” when they hit another vehicle.  I’ll tell you why you don’t; you weren’t paying attention. No one will be able to use that ignorant comment on me because I’m constantly watching all sides of my car. So, if I may impart, “wisdom” to you, dear driver, pay attention to your surroundings. You are not invincible in your car; anything can happen!

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