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About Me

Personal Brand Statement
Not your average twenty-something! Innovative, Exceptional, and Altruistic INTJ “Mastermind” Myers-Briggs Personality type with a passion for  research, analysis, and implementation. I am crafting a life toward level five leadership (personally and professionally), and I am one of the few people who applies the scientific method to everything.

Personal Objectives
My objectives are three-fold: a) Provide outstanding senior support, b) help businesses in multiple functions such as operations, research, human resources, marketing, and finance utilizing analysis and technical methods, and c) Aid Gen Y in effectively branding themselves in a mature way through social media, college and career tools.

Who is this guy anyway?….

I grew up in  Gretna, VA – a small town with one stop light. I graduated from Gretna High School and went to Virginia Tech.  I graduated with two Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences and Psychology. While at the university, I worked as a Research Assistant to professors in the Biology and Psychology Departments. Some of my best mentors were Dr. Sible (Developmental Biology), Dr. McNabb (Endocrinology), and Dr. Adler(Entomology now at the UMass). I also worked as a  General Manager for Virginia Tech Department of Housing and Dining Services managing 44-55 or more students per semester, Special events liaison for two dining facilities, and Department Ambassor for Fundraising initiatives.  Although, I had a myriad of roles, I worked under the title of Operations and Market Analyst for Kissito Healthcare where I helped to monitor and analyze market, financial and labor data and complete other projects. I also supported the Human Resource department on various projects.  With my prior work experience sparked an interest in supplementing it with theoretical business concepts. Currently, I’m getting my MBA from Averett University, through the Roanoke Higher Education Center in Roanoke, Virginia.

Non-Work Related Activities

I  am a member of Alpha Phi Omega (LFS), and have held the offices of Bloodmobile Chair, Student Government Association Representative(Co-chair of Undergraduate University Academic Programs in SGA) and Treasurer. These experiences I attributes to the growth of my passion for leadership, and humanitarianism. I am passionate about languages I’m proficient in Spanish(intermediate), and French(intermediate). I like warm weather. I want to travel. I  love soccer, drinking tea with lemon, and I am eco-friendly.

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